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Welcome to Flourish from Within 
A safe space to deeply relax, receive and restore health naturally.

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Hi, my name is Jess Danford and I offer Shiatsu therapy for women (and non-binary people) in Bristol.

Shiatsu is a safe place to deeply relax and experience the healing power of

touch combined with wisdom for health and wellbeing that works in

harmony with your entire being.

These days, many of us have much to deal with in our lives, and life often does not feel simple. We feel pressures from all sides and we become tense in our minds and in our bodies. 

Our bodies create physical, mental and emotional symptoms, which when listened to, are a pathway to healing, giving us an opportunity to discover how we can take care of ourselves in the best way so that we can flourish in response to everything that occurs in our lives.


Shiatsu touch listens deeply to your body through the meridian energy pathways that have been used for healing for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. Through deep listening and responding, a Shiatsu treatment supports your body to relax and rebalance on all levels.

Each Shiatsu treatment lasts 1.5 hours and takes place fully clothed on a Shiatsu mat on the floor.

I offer Shiatsu at a sliding scale cost of £40-60 per treatment.

(Depending on what is affordable for you)

My clinic times are: week day evenings and Saturdays

I offer my Shiatsu therapy clinic from:

The Healing Rooms, 162 Gloucester Rd, Bristol, BS7 8NT

Shiatsu touch listens and responds to you as the precious being you are, honouring, nurturing and revitalising your entire system, and supporting you to live in balance with yourself and the world.

Read more about Shiatsu and how my treatments can support you to flourish.

Contact me via the Contact button below, send me an email or give me a call/text:, 07596040970

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"I have had two sessions of Shiatsu from Jess and both have been amazing. She is an excellent space holder and I feel she really considers what you need and finds all the right sore spots to squidge. Very relaxing and yet restorative. I would highly recommend her."


Emily, Bristol

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"The Chinese look upon nature not as a dead inanimate fabric but as a living, breathing organism. They see a golden chain of spirited life running through every form of existence and binding together, as in one living body, everything that subsists in heaven above or earth below."

Eitel 1867, (cited by Carola Beresford Cooke in Shiatsu Theory and Practice 2015)

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