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About me

I first experienced Shiatsu therapy many years ago when a dear friend booked me in for a session as a gift. I had never even heard of Shiatsu, but I enjoyed it very much. I was touched by the depth of the treatment and how my whole being felt nourished and energised.

I was so inspired by what I'd experienced that I decided to enrol for the three year professional diploma with the Bristol School of Shiatsu.

Over 12 years ago, I completed my three year professional Shiatsu diploma with wonderful teachers, including Keith Phillips, Paul McNicholls, Mercedes Nunez and Suzanne Yates. I then studied a further Masters year with Keith Phillips.

When I enrolled on the diploma course, due to various life circumstances, my mental and physical health was quite depleted. Shiatsu helped me turn my health around, nourishing my essence, grounding my spirit and enabling my energy to flow in healthy directions. I gained great insight into what supports me to take care of myself. 

I have since committed to developing a strong meditation practice which now greatly supports me to give Shiatsu to others.

I love to support women on their journey with health, and through life, as I am supported myself. It is an honour to provide a healing space with the ancient and modern art of Shiatsu that I enjoy so much to give and receive. 

"The Qi of heaven and earth flow together and give birth to everything."

Wang Chong (Treatise on the Judgement of Nature, Eastern Han period)

 (cited by Carola Beresford Cooke in Shiatsu Theory and Practice 2015)

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