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What is Shiatsu therapy?

Shiatsu is both an ancient and a modern form of healing that is deeply rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, treating the body and mind as one, and through the energy pathways and points in the body known as meridians and acupressure points.


Shiatsu has developed over thousands of years, evolving with us as a powerful form of human touch that listens deeply to your life energy, often referred to as "Ki." 

Shiatsu supports you to deeply connect with yourself and your innate power for self-healing, strengthening your Ki and supporting your life energy to flow freely.

What happens during a Shiatsu treatment?

Whilst booking the Shiatsu treatment, I will ask you to complete a form with some detailed questions about your health. This helps me gain insight into how I can best support you during the treatment through the holistic view of traditional Chinese medicine. This information also helps me make any further recommendations that may be of benefit to support you. 

Each Shiatsu treatment has space for talking at the beginning of the session where you are very welcome to share anything that you feel would support you.

Shiatsu is a very flexible therapy. During a treatment, physical pressure through my fingers, hands, elbows and feet is used to move, sooth and hold the body. Shiatsu combines physical touch with energy medicine, connecting deeply to your meridian pathways to nourish, replenish and support your energy to flow.

My Shiatsu treatments are 1.5 hours per session.

It is best to wear loose-fitting clothing for Shiatsu (no jeans). Unlike massage, when you receive Shiatsu, you are fully clothed, and you want to be comfortable. 

To fully gain the benefits of Shiatsu, it is recommended to have at least a series of three regular treatments. If you have a specific condition that you would like treatment for, I may suggest a bespoke course of treatments for you. 

And you are also welcome to book in for one. Shiatsu is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, many people, including myself, have a Shiatsu treatment once a month. 

To book a treatment, or to contact me with any questions, you are very welcome to get in touch via my contact page

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"Molecules do not have to touch each other to interact. Energy can flow through ... the electromagnetic field ... The electromagnetic field along with water forms the matrix of life."

Szent-Gyorgi 1957 (cited by Oschman 2003, p.88 in Energy Medicine)

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