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How Shiatsu can Help Clarify Your Life Path

How Shiatsu can help you clarify your life path...

Hi, my name is Jess and I offer Shiatsu therapy for women in Bristol. The name of my business is Flourish from Within, and today I am going to explain how Shiatsu can help you clarify your life path in five steps. Exciting, right?

Whether we are aware of it or not, we all want to live our life to the fullest and use our precious time here on this planet to do what we love and are fulfilled by the most. We want to know we are contributing in a way that creates benefit in our relationships and in the world. Human beings are beautiful, profound creatures; and we are easily distracted by the pressures in life to survive, which means many of us, for one reason or another, end up feeling depressed, anxious, hopeless, tired and like we are not doing what we really want to be doing with our life energy.

So, how can Shiatsu help you clarify your life path, and importantly, stay on it?

1. Connecting to your energy system...

Shiatsu uses physical touch to connect with your energy system, which has been mapped out using thousands of years of experiential wisdom gained from the practice of traditional Chinese medicine.

This energy system is called the Meridian System and there are twelve main energy meridians (energy channels) running throughout each of our bodies, each with a different purpose and function.

The meridians are grouped together in pairs and named after vital organs, although their purpose and function goes way beyond the Western medicinal definition of these organs. This is the same meridian system that is used in acupuncture, which is the sister healing modality of Shiatsu. It is said that Shiatsu came first and was followed by acupuncture, which makes perfect sense, as Shiatsu is human touch.

2. The energy for life vision...

The meridian we are talking about today is called the Liver Meridian, and the liver meridian is part of the Wood element and is illustrated in the colour green. Can you imagine a tree growing up from the ground? -starting from seed, pushing up through the soil and moving upwards towards the warmth and light of the sun, again and again, until it flourishes into a full-grown leafy tree with strong roots and branches in all directions. It is the liver meridian energy that holds the life vision of that seed and creates a plan so that it can flourish into a tree.

3. From desire to accomplishment...

The liver meridian energy takes the seed of desire from our heart and helps us create a vision and plan for us to follow so that we can fulfil that desire. And this can be expressed in many ways: in life goals, creative projects, careers, businesses. In fact, anything that we deeply wish to manifest in the world, the liver meridian will assist us in creating the vision and planning it out so that we have the energy to fulfil it and we make the right decisions that result in accomplishment.

4. How we can get stuck...

As you can probably tell, the liver meridian is a very strong energy. It is the strength of nature as she wakes up winter from a deep sleep and transforms into a buzzing, blossoming spring. But if the liver meridian energy is depleted or stuck in some way, then this energy cannot do its job. We can put strain on our liver meridian by spending a lot of time in front of the computer and over-using our eyes, that we literally use for vision; we can become stuck in one position, spending a lot of time sitting, or metaphorically stuck in the same dis-heartening job or life pattern; and we can become depleted by toxins and lack of good nourishment that feeds the liver energy. This is when we feel depressed, tired and we may be experiencing physical symptoms such as digestive issues, joint problems, constipation, irritability and so on.

5.How can Shiatsu help?

Shiatsu is a form of touch that listens deeply to your energy system and in that listening, brings your body's attention to where it has gone out of balance. Through listening to your body with my hands, I can tell if your liver meridian energy is depleted or if it is stuck in one place and wishes to move.

I can then respond accordingly, either by nourishing the liver meridian, and in addition, moving stuck energy from another meridian so that it naturally flows to where your body now sees it is needed, or by moving the liver meridian energy itself, waking it up and helping your body release it so that it can flow again. When the liver meridian is nourished and flowing, naturally you will respond on a physical, emotional and mental level, as our energy system affects our entire being.

For example, I recently had a Shiatsu treatment where the practitioner noticed my liver meridian wanted movement. Over the next couple of days, I spontaneously felt moved to plan out my business vision and goals for the year, something that I had been vaguely considering in my mind but not yet clarified. This led to me finally deciding where I wanted to set up my Shiatsu practice and putting plans for this into action.

Having Shiatsu on a regular basis, supports you to take loving care of yourself and to stay in tune with yourself and your life path, flourishing naturally from within.

To find out more about my Shiatsu therapy treatments, read my About Shiatsu page here or visit my blog.

I offer Shiatsu for women (and non-binary people) in Bristol and I am available to support you.

Here is an interesting article about the liver meridian from Acupuncture Today.

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