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How Shiatsu can help if you feel unable to turn-off and relax

Trees naturally take time to rest in the winter, pushing their energy underground to sleep deeply in this darker time of year, rejuvenating themselves for the vibrancy of spring to come.

I always feel like I have a lot to learn from trees and the natural cycles of life that they express. Their presence in the world reminds me of the importance of taking time to rest my body and mind, restoring my energy so that I can give myself fully to life.

Many times, we are naturally flowing with busyness, pouring ourselves into family life, social connections or working on projects and in our jobs, and this is a wonderful flow.

But if we find that we cannot rest, that we cannot take time to slow down and nurture ourselves, that somehow, even though we intend to, we always find something we need to do, something to attend to that feels more important than simple relaxation and taking a breather from our commitments, then it can be that there is something that we don't want to feel that is close to our emotional centre.

This is our body's way of protecting us, as the bump and grind of life rarely feels like a safe place to let down our guard a bit and feel our emotional energy. But the result is that we feel worn out because we are not getting the rest we need whilst at the same time, we feel wired and unable to turn off.

Shiatsu is a gentle and nurturing way to take time to rest deeply and allow your body space to process deep feelings, releasing energy to flow again, because a Shiatsu treatment provides a safe place to feel emotional energy that simply wants to be acknowledged.

The listening touch of Shiatsu can see the patterns that the body expresses and in listening and responding, simply gives your body a helping hand in releasing energy that is held so that it can flow easily and support you to flourish. Your body's natural healing wisdom knows how to balance itself. We just need to give it a chance to speak and be listened to.

In my own process of healing, I have learned the importance of taking time to create spaces for rest, allowing myself time to feel what I need to feel. From doing so, I gain so many insights and feel much more connected to myself, and able to contribute a lot more to my relationships and all the things I love to do in life.

I am offering Shiatsu treatments at The Courtyard Community Space, Montpelier, Bristol

for women (and non-binary people).

I offer Shiatsu at a sliding scale cost of £30-60 per treatment.

(Depending on what is affordable for you).

To read more about Shiatsu and how I offer my treatments, hop onto my About Shiatsu website page.

To book an appointment or to find out more about Shiatsu, you are very welcome to contact me via my Contact Form. I look forward to hearing from you.

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