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Read kind words from my clients about my Shiatsu therapy treatments for women (and non-binary people) in Bristol and beyond!...

"Jess met me with warmhearted and relaxed openness. My body was quite stiff and I had pain due to a fracture in the back half a year ago. I could relax and trust her completely. I felt soft, warm, bright and completely relaxed after the first session. I found Shiatsu to be very thorough and not just focused on certain parts of the body. The next session went deeper into old memories of frozen emotions. Her hands just dwelled at certain parts of the spine for a long time. I found it very comforting and healing. Also this time I felt very light, relaxed and soft after the session. I can really recommend Jess and her Shiatsu."

Sidsel, Sweden


"I saw Jess for some circulation issues and also for immune system support and she was really great. She is thorough in taking a history and really knows how to ask the right questions to get clear on all the issues. She made me feel super comfortable and I so enjoyed all the sessions I had. She has a great touch and I left every treatment feeling completely renewed and cared for! I have been feeling so well since and am looking forward to some more sessions. I thoroughly recommend Jess as a brilliant practitioner!"

Caz, Bristol

"I was a bit stressed and stiff in my body and had needed to relax body and mind for some time. Jess’s shiatsu allowed me to go into deep relaxation and my spinning head started to unwind and my tense shoulders dropped. I felt completely held and cared for." 


Frida, Bristol

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"I have had two sessions of Shiatsu from Jess and both have been amazing. She is an excellent space holder and I feel she really considers what you need and finds all the right sore spots to squidge. Very relaxing and yet restorative. I would highly recommend her."


Emily, Bristol

"Jess takes very deep care of her clients. She works very intuitively, thoroughly and sensitively. I found her treatment to go above and beyond my expectations. I love the fact that she works holistically, to take the entire body and mind into consideration. I felt so nurtured and relaxed after my treatment and would highly recommend Jess to anyone else, thinking of having a shiatsu treatment."

Benna, Brighton


"I loved my treatments with Jess. She provides a safe space to be and it is clear that she deeply cares for her clients. Her touch was gentle and firm, oozing confidence and mastery! I felt revived after the Shiatsu. I recommend her services to others!"


Celine, Bristol

"I cannot recommend having a Shiatsu treatment with Jess highly enough. It is like taking refuge in a storm.
Jess is very caring, and intuitive and the treatment is relaxing and calming on all levels. Thank you Jess!"

Mala, Bristol


"Jess is a highly skilled Shiatsu practitioner. Her soft, gentle and yet powerful treatment brings great relaxation and ease to body and mind. And the talking part of the session was very insightful. Warmly recommended."


Klara, Sweden

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